A New iphone App Determines Concussion In Student Athletes

Student in Wheelchair with Football in Hand

Student athletes do not usually have the benefit of formal on-site evaluation for concussion. However, student athletes still need to follow removal and return-to-sport guidelines in order to support recovery and prevent further damage.

Researchers recently developed an iPhone app called The Concussion Test, which is available for no charge ancussiot iTunes. The Con Test stores the athlete's name, demographics, and pre-season baseline cognition scores into a secured database. During the season, if the athlete is concussed, The Concussion Test provides cognitive and balance testing, which is then used against baseline scores to determine if the athlete should return to play or not.

The Concussion test is easy to use, which is important on the field, and comprehensive, which is important when determining return-to-play. It also stores data so that previous concussions can be taken into consideration during the season.

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