Stem Cells Pre-Treated With Estrogen Reduce Injury After Cerebral Ischemia

two brain scans

Research has found that immature neural stem cells can differentiate into neurons and glial cells, providing evidence for potential treatment in brain injury. Animal studies have found that new neural stem cells can survive and migrate to the injured area, and can restore structure and function to injured areas within a few days after injury.

Research has also found that estrogen can provide a boost to stem cells, by increasing the number of neurons produced, the efficiency of those neurons, and the number of new neurons that survive. Current research is focusing on dosage and timing in order to better enhance the effects of estrogen on neural stem cell therapies for stroke and other brain injuries.

Zhang Z, Jin D, Yang Z, Shen B, & Liu M. Effects of 17b-estradiol pre-treated adult neural stem cells on neuronal differentiation and neurological recovery in rats with cerebral ischemia. Brain Injury. (February 2011).