Bicycle Helmet Use Among Children

Man Riding Bike with Helmet

Head injury accounts for more than half of bicycle-related deaths and nearly half of bicycle-related hospital visits in children aged 5-14. Helmets can prevent these injuries, and yet a recent study has shown that more than half of children aged 5-14 do not always wear their helmets.

Changes in state legislation over the last 15 years have significantly increased the number of children who always wear a helmet. However, children who are older, live in lower income areas, or live in an area with no state-wide law are still less likely to wear a helmet while riding their bicycles.

Because of the substantial risk for bicycle-related head injuries in children, the task of communities and legislative leaders is to promote education and support for helmet use among children.

Dellinger AM, & Kresnow M. Bicycle helmet use among children in the United States: The effects of legislation, personal and household factors. Journal of Safety Research. (September 2010).