Call Your Representative NOW - The House will Vote on Health Care Reform this Week!

Gavel on Laptop

The House of Representatives is set to vote on the Senate health care reform bill at the end of this week. If the measure fails, the hope of health care reform will likely vanish for this year and maybe even for years to come.

Even though the House and Senate have both passed their versions of health care reform, the only way forward for the bill is for the House to approve the Senate version.

Your voice matters now more than ever. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-876-6242, if you don't know who your representative is, click here.

Tell your representative that you are a constituent that is concerned about health care reform. Specifically, people that have sustained brain injuries need health care reform because:

  • Millions with health insurance are now at the mercy of insurance companies that charge premiums beyond affordability. The legislation would limit these increases.
  • Many with insurance find that it won’t cover them when they get sick – even after they have paid premiums for years. The legislation will ban denials based on pre-existing conditions in children and adults.
  • Patients who reach their lifetime insurance cap after a catastrophic injury or illness will be able to continue treatment in order to regain functionality and have a better chance of returning to work or school. The bill will eliminate lifetime insurance limits.


Investing money now will save the government millions of dollars later when the private insurance companies are required to take responsibility for the premiums they collect instead of turning individuals facing catastrophic injury or illness away to rely on public plans and ultimately, the American taxpayers.

Some representatives in the House are debating on whether to vote for or against the bill. Regardless of how they voted in the past, many are still waying their options. This measure is vital to the brain injury community, and we need your help to ensure that people with brain injury gain access to the care that they need and deserve! CALL NOW!