Call Congress and tell them to Pass Health Care Reform Now!

Front of Court House

Over the past week, you may have seen news reports suggesting that health care reform is in serious jeopardy. WE MUST INSIST THAT CONGRESS COMPLETE HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW!

Too many Americans with disabilities and chronic conditions are not well served by the current system and will make tremendous gains through enactment of health care reform.

Take action NOW! Starting TODAY and continuing until the final votes on legislation, call your members of Congress and tell them NOT TO GIVE UP ON AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES AND CHRONIC CONDITIONS! TELL THEM THAT YOU WANT THEM TO CONTINUE FIGHTING FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!

  • Health care reform will end discrimination based on health status in the private market – discrimination that currently leaves millions of vulnerable Americans uninsured
  • Health care reform will include new, affordable voluntary long term care insurance coverage-the CLASS Act-and expand Medicaid coverage for home and community based services
  • Health care reform will expand Medicaid eligibility and provide subsidies in the private market, creating more affordable coverage for people with disabilities
  • Health care reform will prohibit annual and lifetime limits on coverage so that individuals with serious conditions will not be forced into medical bankruptcy

CALL THE CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD AT 800-828-0498 800-828-0498. (If you can’t get through on the 800 number, call the Capitol switchboard ( 202-224-3121 202-224-3121) or your member’s district office.)

Tell your Senators and Representatives that NOW is the time for Congress to complete meaningful health care reform that prevents discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions, includes the CLASS Act and expands coverage of Medicaid home and community based services.

People with disabilities and their families cannot wait any longer for relief!