Growth Hormone Replacement and Cognition After Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Artwork

Growth hormone deficiency is a common problem after traumatic brain injury (due to damage to the pituitary gland). Growth hormone is important to brain functioning, and to the health of the hippocampus in particular. Since the hippocampus is involved in cognitive abilities such as memory and learning, it has been shown that a growth hormone deficiency can also compromise memory and learning.

A recent clinical study has shown that growth hormone replacement therapy combined with cognitive therapy can improve cognition significantly better than cognitive therapy alone. Additionally, the research team suggests that growth hormone therapy may be beneficial for not only TBI patients with a growth hormone deficiency, but also for those without a deficiency.

Reimunde P, Quintana A, Castanon B, et al. Effects of growth hormone (GH) replacement and cognitive rehabilitation inpatients with cognitive disorders after traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury. (December 2010).