Legislative Report April 2009

Doctor Reviewing Brain Imaging

There are currently two bills working their way through the Assembly that of interest to the California brain injury community:

AB 533 – Introduced by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi would, commencing December 31, 2010, require each high school sports coach to complete a coaching education program that includes training in recognizing and managing the signs and symptoms of potentially catastrophic injuries, including but not limited to: head and neck injuries, concussions, second impact syndrome, asthma attacks, heatstroke, and cardiac arrest; emergency action planning; and communicating effectively with 911 emergency services.

AB 398 – Introduced by Assemblyman Members Monning and Chesbro. This bill would remove the State Department of Mental Health as the agency responsible for administering the program of services for persons with acquired traumatic brain injury, would, instead, establish the Department of Rehabilitation as the responsible agency, and would make conforming changes.

Please contact CALBIA for any further information; or your local representative to let them know how you feel about either of these bills.

CALBIA'S Executive Director, Manfred Tatzmann, was asked to represent the Brain Injury Association of America, survivors, family members, and Affiliates' at the Fifth White House Regional Forum on Health Reform in Los Angeles on April 6, held by the Obama administration. The forums bring together Americans across the region, key health care stakeholders, and elected officials from both sides of the aisle to discuss what must be done to change our health care system. The first four forums were held in Michigan, Vermont, Iowa, and North Carolina.