Californian's Walk For Thought in March for Brain Injury Awareness Month

Colorful Brain Artwork

The four Walk's-for-Thought were a great success this year! Walker's exceeded the donation goal of $50,000 to reach a remarkable $76,796. This milestone was achieved by the many walkers that solicited donations from their family and friends. Donations were received from all across the United States, and even a few from outside of the US. In reviewing the reports, only 1/3 of the walkers actively participated in the fund raising effort. Imagine what we can do next year if everybody takes a few minutes to solicit donations either by the e-mail tool provided on the online registration page, by writing personalized letters, or soliciting cash donations from co-workers, neighbors, etc.? CALBIA would like to extend the challenge to all participants of the 2010 Walks to set your goals high and try soliciting donations, you will be surprised at just how many people will respond.

The success of these walks would not have been possible without the help of our walk Site Coordinators: Donna Lewis representing Freedom House and the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation in San Diego; Brenda Collins representing the Head Trauma Support Project in Sacramento; and Debi Palmer representing Brain Injury Connection in San Francisco / East Bay. These ladies did an amazing job and are to be commended for their dedication to their individual organizations, CALBIA, and the brain injury community. We also wish to thank and recognize the many volunteers and sponsors that supported these walks.

The value of these events cannot be understated. The income from these walks provides essential funding for the operations of CALBIA, with a portion going to the local nonprofit organizations that hosted a walk site. All proceeds from the Bakersfield walk benefited CALBIA entirely.

To maintain and sustain ongoing activities, next year we hope to double the number of communities that will hold a walk. Over the summer CALBIA will prepare a "How-to" manual on hosting a walk, which should help new walk organizers plan out their local event.

We encourage as many organizations and communities as possible to become a Walk host next year. For more information about becoming a walk site host, please contact Paula Daoutis at (661) 872-4903.