Legislative Report January 2009

Gavel on Desk

The month of January in Sacramento has sadly been like the most previous recent months in Sacramento when it comes to the Legislature and Governor successfully dealing with California’s Budget crisis. That is: no resolution to date.

The $41 billion Budget deficit has now over shadowed any and all legislative actions and plans.

We are currently among every other represented group in Sacramento trying to get legislators and the Governor’s attention to our issues, and unfortunately, with little success. To date, less then 300 bills have been introduced, wherein during a typical Session over 900 would have been introduced. Not a single committee hearing has taken place on ANY legislation other than proposals related to developing a Budget solution.

Until the Budget crisis is resolved, no other legislative issues will be addressed. We continue our efforts with leaders in the Senate to promote our Brain Injury Initiative proposals. Once the Budget is addressed, we will be on our way.