Congressional Brain Injury Task Force Holds Briefing on Head Cases

Brain Artwork Held in Palm of Hand

On Tuesday, September 16, the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force held a well-attended briefing featuring a presentation by BIA of Oklahoma Vice President Michael Paul Mason, a brain injury case manager and author of Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath.

Rep. Pascrell and Rep. Platts both made introductory remarks at the briefing, which was attended by a number of Capitol Hill staffers, as well as advocates from the brain injury community.

In a riveting presentation featuring audio and visual elements, Michael Mason gave Hill staffers a glimpse into the experience and many ramifications of traumatic brain injury, with a particular focus on the experience of combat-related brain injury, and the implications for individuals and society.

Thanks to a generous donation by the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital, complimentary copies of Head Cases were offered to Members of Congress and their staff at the event.