2008 Election Outcomes and Legislative Impact

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Powers Pyles Sutter &Verville, PC has produced a memorandum which reviews the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections and provides analysis of the future direction of White House policy and the ramifications for the near-term political makeup of the House and Senate and relevant congressional committees.

This memorandum, distributed to members of the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Coalition, notes that, "Taken as a whole, the Obama win of the presidential race and the Democratic gains in the House and Senate coupled with the change-over in congressional power from the last election in 2006 has the Democratic party in majority control of the federal government. However, with the recent financial instability, looming recession, ongoing overseas conflicts and other tests facing the nation, the challenges for the President-elect and his team are daunting."

The memo also states that, "proponents for health care system reform will certainly be energized by the outcome of this election, with an incoming Democratic administration and a larger majority of Democrats in both houses of Congress. But it will remain a daunting challenge for Congress to cover millions of the uninsured while the country is in an economic crisis while facing ever rising health care costs."

The full memo will be made available on the "Policy & Legislation" section of BIAA's website – http://www.biausa.org/policy.htm – shortly.