Debate over War Supplemental Bill Continues

Doctor Holding Brain Scan

An amendment related to the war supplemental bill passed by the House earlier this week contained a provision, strongly supported by the Brain Injury Association of America, which would delay implementation of seven Bush administration Medicaid regulations.

This provision includes the content of legislation (H.R. 5613) endorsed by BIAA, which would place a moratorium through March 2009 on several harmful Medicaid regulations, including regulations which would negatively impact individuals with traumatic brain injury.

According to an article last week in CQ Today, by attaching H.R. 5613 to the war spending bill, Democrats hope to avoid an extra set of cloture votes in the Senate, where the Medicaid moratorium bill on its own had been facing a GOP filibuster (Alex Wayne, CQ Today, 5/6/2008).

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 5613 by a veto-proof margin, 349-62, on April 23. Without a moratorium, all seven of the regulations would go into effect by June 30 of this year, including regulations which would limit access to essential services for individuals with brain injury.

BIAA continues to strongly endorse H.R. 5613 and supports efforts to keep the bill's content in the war supplemental legislation as it is considered by the Senate next week.