BIAA Strongly Endorses The Caring for Wounded Warriors Act of 2008

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In other exciting news, BIAA proudly endorsed The Caring for Wounded Warriors Act of 2008 (S. 2921), legislation introduced on Monday, April 28 by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton which would increase support for family caregivers of servicemembers with TBI. Several recommendations made by BIAA during the legislative drafting process were incorporated into the bill.

The bill would require two pilot programs to be implemented through the Department of Veterans Affairs, improving the resources available to those caring for returning servicemembers with TBI.

The first pilot program, which would provide for training, certification and compensation for family caregiver personal attendants for veterans and members of the Armed Forces with TBI, is very similar to a provision in last year's Heroes At Home Act of 2007 (S. 1065/H.R. 3051), which BIAA also strongly endorsed.

The second pilot program would leverage existing partnerships between Veterans Affairs facilities and the nation's premier universities, training graduate students to provide respite care for families caring for wounded warriors suffering from TBI.

Note: The legislation specifies that the curricula for the TBI Family Caregiver Personal Care Attendant Training and Certification Program "shall incorporate applicable standards and protocols utilized by certification programs of national brain injury care specialist organizations." The legislation further specifies that the VA should also use such applicable standards and protocols in providing training for graduate student respite care providers.

A copy of BIAA's Letter of Endorsement for S. 2921 will be available shortly on our website at