Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Approves Caring for Wounded Warrior Act Provisions

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On Thursday, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee approved provisions contained in S. 2921, The Caring for Wounded Warriors Act, S. 2921. BIAA has strongly supported and endorsed this legislation, and several recommendations made by BIAA during the legislative drafting process were incorporated into the bill.

Provisions in the legislation, which was recently introduced by Sen. Clinton (D-NY), would strengthen supports for family caregivers of returning servicemembers with TBI. Specifically, provisions would require two pilot programs to be implemented through the Department of Veterans Affairs, improving the resources available to those caring for returning servicemembers with TBI.

A quote from BIAA President and CEO Susan H. Connors was included in Sen. Clinton's press release announcing passage of the bill's provisions:

"Traumatic brain injury not only affects individuals but entire families as well. The Brain Injury Association of America applauds Senator Clinton and Members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee for their leadership in passing this legislation, which compassionately and responsibly provides much-needed supports to family caregivers of servicemembers with TBI," said Susan H. Connors, President and CEO of BIAA.

BIAA will continue to monitor the progress of this important bill, and thanks advocates for urging their Members of Congress to become cosponsors of this legislation.