BIAA Urges Presidential Candidates to Participate in Fort Hood Town Hall Event

Person Signing Document

BIAA issued a press release today urging both presidential candidates to attend the 2008 Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall and engage in an in-depth discussion of the increasingly complex issues facing America's military and veterans community, including the rate of traumatic brain injury among returning service members. BIAA is a member of the 2008 Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall Consortium, and the event is tentatively scheduled to occur on August 11, 2008.

The Consortium planning the event includes a diverse group of military, veterans and community-service organizations, including Disabled Veterans of America, the Brain Injury Association of America, and Sentinels of Freedom. These groups are working in partnership with the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs, state and local governments, and faith and community-based organizations to deliver services and support to our military, veterans and families.

In the press release, BIAA President and CEO Susan H. Connors states, "Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a common consequence of any war. TBI is recognized as the 'signature wound' of the current conflict; yet, accessing the right treatment, right now remains a challenge for many wounded service members and veterans. Our troops and the millions of civilians who sustain TBIs here at home need proper screening and diagnosis, expert rehabilitation, and ongoing community-based services. Family caregivers need information, training and support, and voters everywhere need to let the presidential candidates know where we stand."