Senate Passes Revised Defense Authorization Bill

Gavel in Front of Book Shelves

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a slightly revised version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (H.R. 4986), following House approval of the same bill last week. Important wounded warrior provisions related to TBI care remain unchanged in the new version, which President Bush is expected to sign into law shortly.

The revised bill contains new language altering a provision in the original bill which expanded the rights of victims to sue foreign governments designated by the State Department as state sponsors of terrorism.

The White House unexpectedly announced on December 28, 2007, that President Bush would not sign the original bill because it included a provision which could allow plaintiffs to freeze Iraq government assets in the United States while their claims against Iraq were being litigated (Iraq was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism under Saddam Hussein's regime).

One of BIAA's policy goals for 2008 will be to monitor the implementation of the important TBI provisions contained in this bill. (The December 14, 2007 edition of Policy Corner contains more detailed information on these TBI provisions. You can access this issue, as well as all other archived issues of Policy Corner, by visiting BIAA's webpage at