Urge Congress to Enact Omnibus Appropriations Bill Now

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The House is scheduled to vote on Dec. 11 on a multi-bill “omnibus” Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bill which splits the difference between the White House and Congressional budget proposals.

The omnibus appropriations package is expected to consist of the 11 remaining spending bills – including the Labor-HHS-Education spending bill, which funds TBI programs – totaling $10.6 billion less than what Congress had originally planned. The new Labor-HHS-Education bill spending allocation in such an omnibus bill is expected to be approximately $3.5 billion less than its current form.

The Labor-HHS-Education bill recently passed by Congress (but vetoed by President Bush) provides $9.455 million for the HRSA Federal TBI program, over the total $8.910 million allocated last year. Likewise, the bill includes $5.960 million in funding for CDC TBI programs, an increase from approximately $5.3 million last year. Also of key importance, the bill includes $900,000 in additional funding for the TBI Model Systems of Care program, which BIAA fought hard for this year, in order to prevent this important research program from being downsized.

If the expected “split-the-difference” omnibus bill is not passed by Congress next week or is vetoed by President Bush, the most likely conclusion to the appropriations standoff would be to send the president an omnibus that matches his budget request before the end of the year. This would result in more drastic spending reductions.

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Source: http://www.calbia.org/