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Dual Stent Could Help Save Lives

LAST UPDATE: 4/28/2006 3:30:24 PM

Local doctors have found a way to up your odds of surviving a critical injury. Vascular surgeons at the University of Cincinnati are repairing a potentially life threatening condition from car accidents to traumatic falls in a whole new way.

When you hit the steering column in a car accident, emergency surgery if often required to fix what is called blunt thoracic aortic trauma. It is when the inner layers of the main artery in your chest snap and crack. This raises the risk of rupture, which can kill you in seconds. “Most of the people die at the scene, and don’t even make it to the hospital. Those that make it to the hospital, a significant portion die within 24 to 48 hours,” said Dr. Joseph Giglia. Now, a new device that can be used in surgery could make a big difference in lowering that risk and potentially a big difference in saving those lives.

Dr. Giglia and a team of vascular surgeons recently found a way to make this device from two materials that are readily available for emergency surgery. The first is called a bare metal stent. It is run up to the injured area of the aorta through a tiny incision in the groin. The bare metal stent is then lined with a covered stent that is placed inside it. This dual lining makes a strong scaffolding that can be put in easily and quickly. “The sooner they can be treated, the decreased risk of failure to rupture.” It’s that decreased risk of rupture that raises your odds of survival. The procedure to put in this dual device also does not require a big open incision in emergency surgery. Open procedures raise the risk for other complications like heart attacks and brain injuries.



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