Father admits killing baby

Judges Gavel on laptop balances in background

Name: Carl Butler, Daily Post

A NORTH Wales dad yesterday admitted killing his 14-week-old baby son.

A court heard how David Robert James Price threw the little boy onto the sofa in a fit of “frustration and temper”. The youngster died of severe brain injuries.

Price yesterday admitted the manslaughter of baby Eithan James Williams at Wrexham on February 29, 2004. A High Court judge lifted the 27-year-old’s bail restrictions allowing him to return to Wrexham.

It means he can visit the graves of Eithan and his three-year-old son Kai who tragically died of meningitis in November last year.

The prosecution offered no evidence on a charge of murder against Price and Recorder of Chester Judge Elgan Edwards directed a not guilty verdict.

Electrician Price admitted throwing baby Eithan onto the sofa while caring for the little boy at the Edward Street family home he shared with his former partner.

Michael Chambers QC, prosecuting, said: “It has always been accepted by the crown that the act of the defendant which led to the death of the child was the result of frustration and temper in caring for this child.

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