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The United States Automobile Industry recently enjoyed its 100th birthday. However, with the convenience of the automobile also came hazards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the United States now has over 205,000,000 registered motor vehicles. By the late 1990’s, there were over 183,000,000 licensed drivers in the United States.

In 2002 alone, there were an estimated 6,316,000 car accidents in the United States of America. There were about 2.9 million injuries resulting from those accidents, and approximately 42,815 people were killed in auto accidents in 2002. An average of approximately 115 persons die each day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States. This means that a death occurs every 13 minutes.

It is usually a misconception that victims of automobile accidents do not need attorneys. Until the victim of an automobile accident retains an attorney, the insurance company knows that the person they are dealing with is not currently prepared to take his or her case to court and is unlikely to offer fair compensation.

Today, given the horrendous stigmas associated with exercising one’s legal right – especially when insurance companies routinely offer little or nothing for an accident unless the injured party has retained counsel – it is not uncommon for many victims injured in car accidents to attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance carrier themselves. In most instances, the individual is first met with feigned concern by the carrier, who then steadfastly proceeds to build a case against him/her.

Insurance companies routinely work with a select group of doctors who, unfortunately, tend to reach the same conclusions in virtually all cases, to wit: that little or no injury has been sustained. Obviously this is not the case where catastrophic injury has occurred, but even then, causation for the injury is often disputed, as is extent and need for future care. In short, the unwary injured victim of a car accident attempting to negotiate with the insurance carrier on his/her own soon learns the stark reality: insurance companies are in the business of taking premium dollars, not paying claims. By the time the carrier is done with you, it will have a recorded statement regarding cause of the accident, it will have had you examined by “their” doctors, and it will be in a position to justify why your claim is worth relatively little. Do yourself a favor; avoid this scenario at all costs.

Demonstrative evidence employed by the Scarlett Law Group in an auto accident case. Aerial photographs are routinely commissioned in order that the jury visualize the accident scene.​

Unfortunately, there are over 40,000 fatalities each year as a result of automobile accidents. Over 3,500,000 injuries are sustained as a result of over 6,500,000 crashes that occur in the United States each year.

It probably comes at no surprise that rear-end collisions (whiplash accidents) are the most common vehicle collisions. Each year, well over 2,500,000 whiplash accidents are reported. Frontal collisions, rollover accidents, side impacts are all too common.

While it is difficult to generalize, each type of accident can produce different types of injuries. As we are increasingly learning, even low speed impacts can cause significant injury.

Today, it is difficult to find jurors who have not been individually involved in some type of automobile accident, or who do not know someone who has. Juror’s experiences often pre-dispose their views on automobile accidents, the injuries resulting therefrom, and the lawsuit that ultimately must be pursued by those injured during an automobile accident. Insurance companies have likewise done much to taint prospective jurors’ attitudes about those who pursue lawsuits for injuries sustained in automobile accidents.

Accordingly, the Scarlett Law Group does much to overcome juror bias. During trial, the Scarlett Law Group often utilizes biomechanical engineers to professionally demonstrate the awesome force involved upon the body, even in low speed impacts.

Accident reconstructionists are utilized to re-enact the accident. Medical specialists provide the jury with appropriate information about the injuries sustained, and the probable residual impact of those injuries. In short, the Scarlett Law Group takes the necessary steps to properly present the auto/auto, auto/pedestrian, rollover, singular vehicle accident, and big rig/auto case.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a vehicular collision, the Scarlett Law Group stands ready to assist you with your legal needs. With focus on the handling of those catastrophically injured, and those sustaining the loss of a loved one, the Scarlett Law Group is ready to assist you when you need it the most.

If you or someone you know has been injured as the result of an auto accident or car crash, you need the assistance of the Scarlett Law Group. Call (415) 688-2176 today to speak with a California Car Accident Attorney.

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