Non-Collision Trucking Accidents in San Francisco

Underride accidents are the most common kind of non-collision trucking accidents that we at The Scarlett Law Group come across. Underride trucking accidents occur when a regular-sized vehicle becomes completely or partially trapped under a big-rig truck. If you were injured in a non-collision trucking accident, our firm can assist you in taking legal action against the at-fault party.

Underride accidents can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Underride guard failure
  • Abrupt braking by the truck driver

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Since 1988, Attorney Randall H. Scarlett has been protecting the rights of injured victims in San Francisco, CA. Under his well-versed direction, our legal team of San Francisco catastrophic injury attorneys has the resources and insight required to handle even the most complex personal injury cases. We regularly consult with a network of specialists when working on personal injury matters.

We will carefully investigate the details of your non-collision accident in order to determine if any of the following factors played a role:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Reckless driving decisions
  • Faulty mechanical issues
  • Poor truck maintenance

Filing an injury claim with our help can result in the maximum compensation you need to feel at ease regarding your financial situation after an accident of this severity. We know how to create strong and results-driven strategies for our clients. After all, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation over the years, inside and outside of court.

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Being involved in a trucking accident is traumatic enough—being seriously injured is even more traumatic and painful. As you try to come to terms with what has happened, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. We will remain at your side to guide you until your case is finalized in the most favorable and timely manner possible.

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