Truck Accidents Caused by Hauling Heavy Loads

Truck accidents can occur for many reasons, but sometimes the driver or trucking company is at fault for overloading trucks with cargo. If you were seriously injured as a result of an overloaded big rig, Scarlett Law Group can help you take legal action. We can help you file an injury claim so that you may obtain the monetary damages you need to pay for your injury-related costs.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to consider the load carrying capacity of their vehicle. Overloading can have serious consequences in terms of safety:

  • Too much weight for a truck’s suspension system can cause spring, shock absorber or brake failure, handling or steering problems, irregular tire wear, tire failure, or other damage.
  • An overloaded vehicle is hard to drive and hard to stop. Brakes can completely fail, particularly on steep hills on an overloaded vehicle. A combination of size of the tire and the corresponding inflation pressure determine the load that tire can carry safely.
  • Overloading the truck, with under inflated tires, can be perilous. Abnormal tire flexing takes place due to overloading. This generates excessive heat within the tire that may exceed the tire’s capacity and lead to tire failure. The air pressure enables a tire to support the load; therefore, proper inflation is critical.

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Working Closely With a Network of Specialists to Strengthen Your Claim

Our firm works closely with a network of specialists in order to present the most strategic and results-driven injury claims possible. We will carefully review any available evidence in order to determine how the truck’s cargo weight caused the accident. No detail will be overlooked by our meticulous legal team.

Attorney Randall H. Scarlett has more than 25 years of experience in this area of the law. With his knowledge and proven strategies, our legal team knows how to provide well-versed legal representation at every case stage. Our personalized approach has led to countless successful results. We are proud to have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for catastrophically injured victims in San Francisco, CA.

Seriously Injured? Seek the Help of Our San Francisco Catastrophic Injury Attorneys!

Being seriously injured because of the negligence or oversight of another person is a difficult and painful situation to experience. Our caring law firm can help you seek justice by holding those responsible financially accountable. By working together, we can help ensure that similar trucking accidents don’t happen in the future.

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