A picture is worth a thousand words. It is said that a video, however, is worth millions. Though not inexpensive, the following settlement brochures are powerful tools in telling our clients’ stories. In creating these videos, the Scarlett Law Group has family members, friends, educators and where possible, the plaintiff himself or herself interviewed to describe, through their own eyes, the devastating effects of an accident or injury. Where accident pictures, charts and imaging can often be effective, the pain and sadness in the voices of our client’s loved ones can be immensely more powerful. These videos portray our clients as more than just the injuries they have sustained. They portray our clients as real people, allowing the jury to connect with them on a much deeper level. Please take your time viewing the settlement brochures below. Check back often as we constantly update this page with new settlement brochures used in our cases.

The Bianchi Story

Scarlett Law Group in the Courtroom

Scarlett Law Group Before the Senate Health Committee

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