Trial Techniques

San Francisco Trial Lawyers

A picture is worth a thousand words. Despite this, some trial lawyers think it is a mortal sin to try a case in an interesting manner. They seem to think it is beneath their dignity to make a case a living, pulsating, experience; a vivid portrayal of the tragedy that occurred. Try a case in a humdrum manner and the result will be a humdrum verdict. Your lawyer must capture and hold the imagination and interests of the jury, as well as garner their respect. Your lawyer must make the jurors live your case; make them participate in the joint endeavor of righting a wrong; and, make them feel that theirs is the voice of the community.

What follows below are numerous examples, by category, of demonstrative evidence actually utilized by the Scarlet Law Group during trials, or in preparation of trial. The following examples are by no means exhaustive but represent the commitment of the Scarlett Law Group to properly present our clients’ liability and damage contentions at trial in an easy but comprehensive manner:

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