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Evaluating a Spinal Cord Injury

A young lawyer today is far more likely to encounter a case involving paraplegia or quadriplegia than an experienced lawyer of twenty years ago. Clearly, victims of spinal cord injury benefit from recent medical advances in treatment, particularly rehabilitative treatment. Rehabilitation centers throughout the United States can assist (certainly more than twenty years ago) in getting the plaintiff back to a productive, albeit limited, lifestyle.

It is the challenge of the trial lawyer to obtain via settlement or trial, an adequate award for the injured plaintiff. An adequate award speaks to justice and provides the plaintiff the funds necessary to survive. Obviously, mere “survival” is meaningless if the plaintiff is not properly medically cared for.

Liability must be thoroughly reviewed before acceptance of a spinal cord injury case. Thereafter, and only if liability justifies involvement, counsel must begin by evaluating the prospective client’s spinal cord injury.

Regardless of the severity, spinal cord injuries require the immediate and careful attention of skilled medical professionals. We at Scarlett Law Group wish to help you obtain not just the appropriate medical care you need, but also the full compensation you need to pay for all the costs related to your catastrophic injury. We will consult with a group of specialists in order to ensure that your claim encompasses all the aspects of your spinal cord injury. This includes a careful evaluation of your medical records and consulting with your physician or medical provider.

No two spinal cord injuries are the same. Some factors that we will take into consideration when evaluating your case include:

  • The complete extent of the injury
  • Life expectancy
  • Medical treatment and equipment needs
  • Infection risk
  • The client’s mental condition
  • Damages including wage loss, loss of enjoyment of life, trauma to the marital relationship, etc.

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Spinal cord injuries are devastating injuries, mentally as well as physically. Our firm would like to make this situation less overwhelming by taking care of all the details related to your case, allowing you to focus entirely on your rehabilitation. Contact us today to learn more about your options and how we can fight for you.

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