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  • Language disorders after pediatric traumatic brain injury.

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 28-Apr-2014

    Language is a complex cognitive function, requiring several areas of the brain to oversee the motor function of speech and the articulation of intelligible sentences, as well as nuances such as the ability to comprehend irony or non-literal concepts. A traumatic brain injury during childhood can significantly impact language ability, with impairments sometimes being delayed by developmental ...
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  • Detecting Brain Injury in Preterm Babies

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 4-Apr-2014

    Although medical advances have increased survival rates in preterm babies, neurodevelopmental impairments frequently persist and can result in long-term cognitive impairments such as reduced language skills, attention problems, poor social skills, and lowered IQ scores. The detection of neural injury in the preterm infant is important for planning preventative, protective, and rehabilitative ...
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