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  • Summer Months Tend to See a Rise in Number of Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 31-May-2013

    All of us in the United States understand that the summer is a time of year when we tend to get out and do things that we may not be able to do during other times on the calendar. This includes traveling to new places, swimming, diving and of course playing sports, particularly for younger people. While these are all memories that for many of us will last a lifetime, they can also lead to a higher ...
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  • Federal Government Gets Involved with Concussions in Youth Sports Issue

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 30-May-2013

    In recent years, local and state governments from all over the country have begun to recognize the inherent dangers in exposing young athletes to repeated blows to the head. They have realized that even wearing helmets will not prevent long-term harm from being inflicted, and they have also realized that it can take years to truly understand the damage that is done. As such, they have enacted ...
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  • Study Reveals Shocking Number of Military Members Returning Home with Head Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 30-May-2013

    In recent years, nearly all of us have become much more aware of the dangers and the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries. The number of people diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury has exploded over the past 10 years, and that is likely due in large part to the fact that more people are aware of the reality that they need to obtain medical attention after suffering what may seem like even a ...
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  • Traumatic Brain Injury Researcher Attempting to Turn Harmful Cells Against Themselves

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 24-May-2013

    It really is remarkable to sit back and ponder just how far we've come in recent years with regards to the study of traumatic brain injuries. When people were harmed in this way 20 or 30 years ago, the options for management and treatment were extremely limited. That doesn't mean that survivors of traumatic brain injuries were not properly cared for, as for the most part they were - it just means ...
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  • Family of Deceased Hockey Player Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit against NHL

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 23-May-2013

    We have watched for years now as thousands of former professional football players have filed lawsuits against the National Football League, claiming that they now suffer from the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries and that the NFL withheld information regarding the risks they were facing while they were active players. While that lawsuit seemingly continues to grow every week with more ...
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  • The Needs and Provision Complexity Scale: A multicentre prospective cohort analysis of met and unmet needs and their cost implications for patients with complex neurological disability.

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 23-May-2013

    Neurological conditions have an impact on a patient and his family, friends, and caretakers. To manage the needs of those with neurological conditions, it is important to examine where need exceeds the resources available. The Needs and Provision Complexity Scale (NPCS) could fill this role. The NPCS is a tool used to help plan for structured care. It estimates cost and describes the level to ...
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  • Study Finds That Depression Often Follows Traumatic Brain Injury

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 21-May-2013

    Approximately 1.7 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries every year, and many of these people face a very difficult situation when it comes to recovering from this type of harm. That's because the symptoms and challenges that people may be forced to face when they suffer a traumatic brain injury can be extremely unpredictable and all but impossible to manage. Despite remarkable progress ...
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  • University of California at San Diego Set to Open Brain Mapping Center

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 20-May-2013

    Recently, the President of the United States jumped into the issue that is the suffering of people who have endured traumatic brain injuries. He along with many others has recognized the need to learn more about the brain before we can really make inroads in terms of definitively diagnosing and treating this serious medical problem. He did so by announcing that the federal government was setting ...
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  • Technology Using Wireless Signals Being Used to Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 17-May-2013

    In recent years, both the United States and countries around the world have been waking up to the dangers and the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries. As we learn more about the brain and how it is injured, we are also finding out that a shocking number of people may be living with the effects of brain trauma without even realizing it. Since that problem has been recognized, different types of ...
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  • Doctors Begin to Focus on Eyes for Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 15-May-2013

    In recent months and years, researchers from all over the world have been coming up with incredibly advanced and exciting technology that is designed to help medical professionals diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries. These efforts continue, and even the President of the United States has recently laid out ambitions regarding the mapping of the brain and learning more about it so that ...
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  • MMA Expresses Urgency to Learn More About Potential for Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 14-May-2013

    Few sports have skyrocketed in popularity around the world in recent years than MMA, also known as Mixed Martial Arts. This form of professional fighting has taken the consumer sports market by storm, and what was all but unknown 15 years ago now draws millions of viewers for its biggest fights by way of pay-per-view audiences and other broadcasting outlets. The sport has captured the imagination ...
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  • Study Finds a Huge Increase in the Number of Older People Suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries from Falls

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 9-May-2013

    If you have an older relative that you worry about for different reasons, one of the risks that you have likely considered that he or she will encounter is experiencing a fall. This is not only relatively common among older people, but it's also particularly dangerous if that person lives alone, as he or she may not be discovered for hours or even days. Given this reality, several different ...
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  • Article Reveals Individual Struggles That California Senate Bill 320 Would Eliminate for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 3-May-2013

    We have been serving our clients as traumatic brain injury lawyers for many years, and because of the relatively unique perspective we have gained we have been avidly supporting California Senate Bill 320 since it was originally introduced. That's because the bill, if it becomes law, will put an end to many of the unnecessary and frankly completely avoidable struggles that so many people who have ...
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