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  • Brain Injury Association of California Sponsors SB 253

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 14-Dec-2011

    The Brain Injury Association of California (BIACAL) is pleased to sponsor Senate Bill 253, The Brain Injury Access To Treatment Act. SB 253 will enable access to treatment for acquired brain injury across an established continuum of licensed treatment settings specifically designed to provide the most clinically effective and cost efficient specialized treatment for acquired brain injury and to ...
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  • Defining Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 9-Dec-2011

    Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) makes up approximately 80% of all TBI cases. It is associated with a range of physical, mood, and cognitive symptoms such as headaches, depression, and memory problems. While these symptoms usually dissipate within three months after injury, some patients experience long-term symptoms. In clinical and research settings, the long-term symptoms of mTBI is called ...
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  • Is Deception an Ethical Option to Promote Compliance for TBI Patients?

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 8-Dec-2011

    A common problem of more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is a complete denial of symptoms. This can significantly complicate treatment, as people with a TBI may be unwilling to accept therapies or interventions for problems they do not believe they have. A recent case study described a TBI patient who exhibited combativeness, significant cognitive and motor impairments, as well as reduced ...
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  • Low Level Laser Light Therapy For Traumatic Brain And Spinal Cord Injuries

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 5-Dec-2011

    Laser therapy has been long known to heal wounds, alleviate pain, and reduce inflammation. Low level light therapy (LLLT) is considered to be a "cold" type of laser therapy because it does not emit enough power to produce significant heat-making it safe for use in most people. More recent research has begun to narrow the science of LLLT into certain wavelengths and sources that provide the ...
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  • The Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis Is Increased After Traumatic Brain Injury

    Posted By Scarlett Law Group || 5-Dec-2011

    In a large study of more than 72,000 traumatic brain injury patients and more than 200,000 controls, over a period of six years, researchers have recently reported an increased risk of multiple sclerosis after traumatic brain injury. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, in which the myelin sheath (white matter) is attacked, resulting in a wide range of neurological ...
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