Aviation Accident Investigation Theories

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After an aviation accident, government investigators typically look into the cause of a crash by sending key parts, such as engines and instruments, back to the manufacturers to inspect them for possible defects. In theory, these parts should be under the control and surveillance of government investigators while on the manufacturer’s premises, but handing evidence back to the manufacturer without supervision is no way to ensure that an honest and impartial investigation will be performed. In many ways, it is like putting thieves in charge of the loot.

Retaining experienced counsel is critical to the success of an individual’s claim after an aviation accident. A lawyer can ensure that evidence is preserved and that the investigation is properly reevaluated by manufacturers and government agencies. In doing so, they can help uncover who is liable for the accident and hold them accountable.

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Determining Liability in Aviation Accidents

Your lawyer will take all of the following factors into consideration when determining the possible cause of the accident:

  • Pilot error: The National Transportation Safety Board estimates that 83% of all general aviation accidents are caused by pilot error. Thus, any accidents resulting in loss of property or injuries to passengers or bystanders can be attributed to the fault of the pilot, their employer, or their estate. Accidents caused by pilot negligence can be the result of poor flight planning, inadequate experience, operating the aircraft while intoxicated, flying into unsafe weather conditions, and other errors.
  • Manufacturing errors: Any error on the part of the aircraft or component manufacturer may bring the case under product liability law, which defines a manufacturer’s responsibility towards consumers who are harmed by faulty and dangerous products. Manufacturers can be found negligent in designing or assembling faulty products when they use substandard materials, fail to properly test or analyze their products, or fail to provide adequate maintenance or usage instructions. If found to be at fault, an aircraft parts manufacturer, or other entity involved in placing the defective aircraft or parts into the stream of commerce, can be charged with strict liability, breach of warranty, and common law negligence.
  • Inadequate maintenance: An experienced lawyer must also consider the role of the entity in charge of the aircraft’s maintenance. Inspection and repair of the aircraft, its engines, propellers and jets must be completed regularly. People or firms in charge of these inspections must be certified and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Failure to comply with these requirements could be termed negligence.

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