Aviation Accident Lawyers

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Serving San Francisco

An airline accident generally is a catastrophe, often with many victims and families in need of representation and help. The Scarlett Law Group handles aviation accidents around the globe. Our association with the Nolan Law Group in Chicago, Illinois, insures the experience, resources and technological ability to accomplish the individual goals of our clients. When tragedy strikes, we stand ready to assist.

Despite insurance company representations to the contrary, aviation lawyers are generally able to obtain two to five times more compensation for their clients than that offered by the insurance companies. The economic and emotional losses following an aviation disaster are staggering.

We at the Scarlett Law Group, together with our related counsel, routinely retain a number of qualified experts including metallurgists, pilots, electrical engineers, hydraulic experts, aerodynamic engineers, accident reconstructionists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, economists, business evaluation experts, and others, in order to prove liability and damages. There simply can be no shortcuts in the search for truth. Lesser steps result in exponentially lowered offers of settlement.

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