Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanics

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Sometimes, car accidents can be confusing and undecipherable, especially in cases of hit-and-run accidents, accidents without witnesses, or accidents where witnesses’ testimonies conflict. To help, accident reconstruction and biomechanics can help determine factors leading up to a person’s serious injuries when involved in these types of accidents. In doing so, a person may be compensated for their injuries if results determine the other party involved was at fault.

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How Are These Tests Used?

By determining the physics of car accidents, law enforcement officers and other legal professionals can understand collisions in detail. This allows for parties involved in accidents to receive accurate information regarding accidents. Of course, this gives individuals who are better evidence of the accident when filing a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party.

Accidents reconstructions determine factors such as

  • Forces
  • Torques
  • Speeds
  • And more

To do so, biomechanics and accident reconstructionists may consider the following aspects:

  • Point of impact
  • Final resting positions
  • Skid marks
  • Scrub marks
  • Gouge marks
  • And more

An Example: Rigid Bumper Systems

In addition, many systems are examined through accident reconstructions and biomechanics in order to determine whether various systems are useful and safe. One of the systems examined through these tests were rigid bumper systems.

A rigid bumper system is a steel bumper connected to the frame of a vehicle or that attaches with mounting brackets. These types of bumpers are common on pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and sport utility vehicles. They are designed to dissipate impact energy and are said to better avoid serious injuries in the case of an accident.

To gather results, accident reconstruction professional reenacted low-speed collisions including vehicle-to-vehicle collisions and barrier collisions. After the tests were performed on these rigid bumper systems, results showed that these bumpers did not dismiss the probability of serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries.

If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

It is important to seek legal representation from Scarlett Law Group if you have been harmed in a car accident. You may receive compensation for any medical expenses, physical harms, lost wages, or emotional distresses you may face as a result. For more complicated matters, a San Francisco car accident attorney may advise accident reconstruction and biomechanics tests in order to prove the cause of your serious injury.

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